Transforming Bodies, Changing Lives

Welcome to Adinaro Fitness!

I believe that personal training should be just like it says; personal. Whether you are new to fitness training or a seasoned athlete, when you train with me you get a custom-tailored workout program designed to meet your unique goals.  I become more than just your personal trainer. I keep in touch with you throughout the week, providing encouragement, modifications, and monitoring your success. While I love working with any level of fitness enthusiast, I have special expertise in personal training for special populations: medical conditions, post-injury, older adults, and teens. If you are ready to start the journey that will change your life, contact me today!

Sessions are held at the Cottonwood Heights Rec Center.


Older Adults

As you hit your golden years, exercise can help you maintain your independence as well as your way of life.

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Post-Injury Rehab

When recovering from an injury, exercise and the right diet can help you get back to your pre-injury condition.

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Chronic Medical Conditions

Exercise is a critical component of managing chronic conditions. The right routine can dramatically increase your quality of life.

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  • Make exercise non-negotiable. Just like eating and sleeping, make it a permanent part of your day!
  • Set goals. Having a goal to work towards provides unrelenting motivation to keep you on track!
  • Create a schedule. Without a solid plan, staying on track is challenging. Write it down and stick to it!
  • Understand the health benefits. Working out today can keep the doctor away!